The Design Process

The first step in creating your landscape plan is to gather information about you and your home. Information, such as the style of your home, the number of people in your family, how often you entertain, plant preferences, and budgetary constraints, is gathered by the designer. The accuracy of the information is critical to the success of the design. In doing this research, our designer is able to create a specifically tailored design for you.

Base Plan                             is similar to a builder's site plan. Careful measurements are taken of your site and all existing physical elements on your property such as driveways, fences, pools, utilities, hose bibs, down spouts, etc are recorded and drawn to scale. This ensures that your project is designed with every detail accounted for.

Conceptual Plan
The vision of your project unfolds in this next phase where the designer will develop an overall layout of your project and work through many different design stages. Several sketches are done to create a unique solution for your site.

Master Plan
After developing a few conceptual plans, our designer will select the best option for your site and specifications. A precise hand drawing is done to convey their ideas for the project. Details, such as, the type and pattern of paver used on your patio, to the specific types and botanical names of all the plant material is included on the master plan.

To help the client visualize the project, our designer color renders your design to show a more accurate representation of the design and the plants that have been chosen.

At the completion of the master plan a proposal is put together that will explain all costs related to the project.  This proposal shows all quantities of plant material needed, along with their sizes at installation.

Concept plan
Reverted three-dimensional
Trellis screen design